Thursday, January 20, 2011

And the adventure's continue

Making time for sewing when you work in the quilting industry can sometimes be a real challenge... that is the #1 reason that my blog suffers from neglect - I grab every change I get to sew.  I have block #7 of Patchwork Party '09 cut out almost pieced.  It will be finished today & then back to the Scrap Quilt!

Looking back on last year, with all the customer work out of the house, sometimes it seems as if I didn't accomplish a whole lot... then I looked at the pictures.
Lone Star Quilt ... Restoration Project

Truly, this was the biggest quilting challenge that I worked on in 2010!  A lone star block.  The center was all I had to work with.  It was authentic 1930's and was literally covered with tangled threads and in very poor repair... Some soul had decided to wash it and then folded it and put it away.  It was entirely hand pieced and after working on it for a while discovered why it had never been completed.  The only thing I'm sorry for is that I did not take a picture of it in it's pitiful beginning condition.

After clipping all those thread clumps, I took an evening and repaired every split seam.... This picture is after the top was assembled.  I hated to do it, but I had to take my rotary cutter to it to straighten it up (as best as possible) and then sew it in.  Truthfully, this went better than expected.

Setting Triangles
After it was all assembled I took it to the longarm and decided that because I knew it was going to have some waviness to use two layers of batting (thanks to a dear friend's advice :).... one of puff and another of warm & natural.   This worked!  You could literally see the batting filling in the slack as I went along. Hope you enjoy seeing the finished quilt with some close ups of the quilting.  I am truly very proud of the finished work on this one and I understand the recipient of this beautiful gift was quite pleased!!
Love the feather border result!
Back ... can see the continuous curve in the setting star.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Someone please wake me up ... how did it get to be 2011 already?

Like many of us, I am in total wonder & maybe a bit of shock that the last year has totally come and gone.  Have I been busy?  Oh, yeah!  Discovered a new love - for embroidery - but still enjoying my 1st love of quilting .  Still dreaming of combining the two into a stunning quilt design.  Alas, so many quilts to make, so little time, or so it seems.

What's on your design wall?   I just finished block 6 of the Patchwork Party Fall '09 quilt.  It's gorgeous and yes, I am taking my time.  Of course the last two months were a blur with no time for personal sewing.

Storm at Sea Block
I do so plan to complete this beautiful quilt this year!!

Am also challenged by the Scrap Quilt Challenge to finish my scrap quilt that I started last year.  Just did an inventory and I need 22 more blocks, so off to the scrap bin I go.  With that many blocks to make I am SURE to make a dent in those ever populating scraps that I have so painstakingly cut and sorted!

Update ... only 16 more to go! How bout this French braid for the borders?  I love the way it gobbles scrap!

Here's some pictures of things that I've made in the past few months.  Will try to post only a few at a time.  I had fun embroidering my gifts this year - but did some sewing & made an adorable quilted purse for my niece (which she loved!)  If you don't know what to make for a 15 year old girl, I've got the perfect, simple (yes, super simple), but adorable project.

Is this adorable?  The flap is removable so you can have a whole wardrobe of flaps!  It also has fabulous pockets on the back and on the inside. I'm definitely making one for myself!

This is the snappy little bag I made for my niece... only 7 x 10 & oh so cute!

Duffle Bags ... these bags are HUGE & perfect for traveling!!  My customer loves her bags so much, she keeps ordering more of them.... they make a fabulous personalized gift.  Next one will be in Purple & Gold!

And the adventure continues in 2011!  May your year be blessed and your joy overflow.  May your hands find work that your truly love.

a.k.a. Aunt Mag