Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Blooms

I am so excited to have my Blooming Nine Patch Baby Quilt top finished!    Actually .. It is even quilted ... So how does it look?

I am tickled!  Now on to the last step ... Binding and a label ...Feeling good to have a project finished!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

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What's on Your Wall?

In my spare time (this is a funny topic amongst my dearest friends as I am always working on something), I have recently become fascinated with Blooming Nine Patch quilts ... a quick tour on Pinterest will reveal that there are some jaw dropping quilts, like this one:

So, what's a girl to do?  Well, create one of course ... a quick search revealed that the original book, Traditions with a Twist is out of publication .... well, you can still get them, but since I would want to have them in my shop too I ran into an issue!

Ok ... so, since you can just about find out how to do anything on the web it didn't take me too long to find some great instructions and off we go.

Soooo..... I decided that for my 1st run at this I would design a little baby quilt using the fabulous line from Red Rooster called Sweet Dreams .... all those beautiful pastels just begged to be "bloomed!"  Of course, many people made this quilt with flowers .... but the idea is that you have graduations of color ... and what a sweet soft little quilt using pastels .... Here's what I created in EQ using the fabric swatches ....

I love it ...and it is going to be so soft and sweet! 

So, I did get my fabric .... and have been diligently working on this sweet creation .... here's some of my progress .... 

The only issue with this particular fabric is that it is difficult to photograph the fabric with great results because they are so soft ....   BUT, I am almost finished ... stay tuned for how I made this cute quilt and the plans for my next Blooming 9 Patch project.

Wishing you a Quilty sort of Day!

Aunt Mag aka Margaret

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's in the middle counts

Aunt Mag is always getting lots of questions about "what kind of batting should I use?"  Having tried many different battings and as a Longarm Quilter and having many different brands and types brought to us, I quickly realized that the batting makes the quilt!

It is important to always remember that your batting is the foundation of your quilt.  What you put in the middle affects how it looks, handles & feels after it is used. With so many choices to make it is important to make an informed decision and quality does count. That is why The Quilt Corner only carries Quilter's Dream Batting.  

We have included a little information below about each type of batting we carry and what it is best suited for. So now you can say "I know what kind of batting I want to use!"  Still undecided ... stop by the shop and feel the difference quality batting can made in your next project!
·       Dream Cotton Batting – Dream Cotton continues to be the most popular batting of all! Dream Cotton is incredibly drapeable, beautifully soft, 100% natural, and quilts like butter! Available in four lofts, Dream Cotton is exceptional for all your quilting needs. Because of the natural, traditional fiber, Dream Cotton is recommended by the Restoration Society, but it is also great for today's modern quilts. We use a very high grade of USA cotton and the longest fibers in the industry. This is important because longer fibers mean minimal shrinkage, less bearding, and virtually no lint on your machine. The longer the fibers, the more places the fibers will intersect, making the batting so strong that you can stitch up to 8 inches apart! With our unique processing using no scrim, glues or binders, Quilters Dream Cotton remains soft, huggable, and beautifully drapey.  Choose Request weight for hand quilting, Select for hand or machine quilting, Deluxe for machine quilting a heavy quilt, Supreme for machine quilting a very heavy quilt or craft projects.
·       Dream Poly Batting -  Available in Request, Select, and Deluxe weights, Dream Poly is made 100% from polyester microfibers. The poly microfibers mimic the cotton so you get the same look and feel of the cotton.  However, it has the benefit of no shrinkage, so it is perfect if you want to keep that “just quilted” look, even after multiple washings.  Dream Poly does not hold a crease, so you can fold it and store it (or ship it to a show) and not worry about lines or wrinkles when you take it out.  The request and select lofts are light, breathable, and drape beautifully.  The high loft, deluxe, is perfect for wall hangings that you want to lay flat without curling corners, and will shows off your stitches wonderfully.
·       Dream Blend for Machines – Note here that this batting is “for machines” – it has a light scrim, so you won’t want to hand quilt this batting. However, because of the scrim, it is very easy to handle and work with, so it has become an all time favorite for the long arm machine quilters.  You can tug it into place without worrying about stretching or leaving hand prints.  It is slightly heavier than the cotton or poly, but the scrim is so light that it still has a very nice drape.
·       Dream Angel – If you are concerned about flame retardancy for your quilt, this is the batting for you, and as a bonus, this batting is wonderfully soft and drapey!  Unlike most flame retardant products, this batting was NOT chemically dipped or treated – the batting fibers were specially engineered to be flame retardant.  The fibers are inherently flame retardant so the flame retardant quality will never wash off.  An excellent choice for baby quilts, dorm quilts, nursing home quilts, etc. (It is available in both Request and Select loft)
·       Dream Wool – This is a very soft wool that is very breathable and light weight with a nice loft of about 1/3 - 1/2” to emphasize the stitches (or hide those slight piecing imperfections).  It is thermally bonded, so can be machine washed and dried (on cool settings) without much shrinkage at all. More and more people are telling me that this is their favorite, both for hand or machine quilting; they’ve convinced me – I’m going to give it a try on my next quilt.
·       Dream Puff – This is another batting with a very nice 1/3-1/2" loft - just enough for a slightly "puffy" quilt.  It is made 100% from poly microfibers, and, like the Dream Wool, it is thermally bonded to hold the loft without being scratchy or stiff. It is soft, breathable, and very affordable.  Dream Puff is a great all around snuggly modern style batting for quilts. Layer the Dream Puff with a Dream Cotton for a perfect  faux trapunto - the cotton will shrink slightly when washed making the Dream Puff really "pop"!
·       Dream Green – Could a batting from recycled bottles be soft and snuggly?  I was skeptical, but Dream Green proved me wrong.  This batting is exactly the same as Dream Poly select, with the exception that the fibers were once soda bottles, and it has a green tint of color!  If you are eco-conscious and going green, this is the batting for you - each pound of Dream Green batting rescues 10 bottles from our landfills.  You won't believe anything this soft, cozy, and breathable could come from recycled bottles, but it is true!
·       Dream Orient – This is the softest and silkiest batting available.  It is made from a blend of silk, bamboo, cotton, and botanic tencel that is simply scrumptious to work with.  Your finished quilt will absolutely hug you. Beware – this batting is highly addictive! 
Wishing you a Quilty sort of Day!
Aunt Mag aka

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get your "Quilty" on!

Are you ready to get your "Quilty" on?

The Quilt Corner is hopping but we took a little time and made a schedule of events that will be so much fun!  Are you tired on Friday's?  Ready for something fun?  Starting on March 8th come find out why Friday's are Fabulous!  There's a demo of the new Bible Studies Block of the month (details in our event schedule) at 11:00 am ... weekly and then on the 1st and 3rd Friday there will be a demo at 1:00 followed by a class.  The demo is free, and the class is just $10!  Each project will be fun & simple.

Our beginner's class is a huge hit.  We've just about filled our March 18th class .... but no worries!  We have a class on Saturday's also & these classes continually repeat!

Oh, and lest I forget... MARCH 1st!  We've invited local designer, Connie Ewbank, for a trunk show of her best selling patterns.  Want to see the quilts?  We'll have a store full of them, plus Connie will be there from 10-12.  Come & show Connie some love!  We're so excited about this super fun event!

So, if you haven't visited our shop .... well, what are you waiting for?  I know some of you live out of town ... in a word (or two) ROAD TRIP!

Oh ... and speaking of Road Trip's... Aunt Mag is SUPER excited to be the Quilt Diva  on a Quilting Cruise ... Well, maybe not the Diva, but The Quilt Corner is a sponsor of the cruise and it's going to be a whole lot of fun, guaranteed.  One whole week away ... no phones, no computer ... wow!  That's even hard to imagine ... but it gets better!  We'll be Spoolin' on the High Seas!  With spools of thread of course!

Here's the link to download our latest Event flyer .... be sure and print it out & write the dates on your calendar so you don't miss out on one minute of FUN!


Wishing you a Quilty sort of day,