Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's time for Quilt Market!

We are so excited!  We leave tomorrow for the biggest quilting expo of the whole year ... of course, there's all the eye candy in the quilt show, which will be displayed & we'll be sure to take some pictures too ... but oh, I am sure we'll be duly inspired with all the great new products, patterns, fabrics, accessories, notions (oops... I'm a nut for notions!) and so much more.

We are planning to check in with updates as we go along - be sure to comment if there is anything special you'd like to see .... and especially if there is something new you'd like us to consider carrying in our shop!

Be chatting soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And the quilty adventures continue!

These days one of the hardest things is finding the time to post regularly about what's going on in my "Quilty" world!  Our humble quilt shop is very busy, and literally bursting at the seams with beautiful new fabrics - which is oh, so fun & and exciting.  We have a closet literally full of quilts for the longarm - which is also exciting and a LONNNNNGGGG list of quilt samples to make & several block of the month programs in progress!  All of this added us means Aunt Mag is one busy girl .... and it would seem slightly overwhelming (and truthfully it does at moments) except for one thing - I LOVE WHAT IT DO!  It takes passion to work all hours of the day & night & still get excited about new projects.

So ... here's a few pictures of what we've been making, quilting &  more ....

Fun & Done!

This is a "Fun & Done" quilt!  We have this adorable panel from Moda's popular Zippity Do-Dah in stock - and we were looking for something fun to do with it - this seasonal wall hanging is just perfect!  And quilting it was the most fun of all ...  The panel is at a bargain price and this is a great idea ... just add borders!  Makes a super fun easy center for a QOV also!  Check out the panel here with all the other great bargains on fabric!

And here's another "Fun & Done" ... Start with a panel - quilt it... Bind it ... In no time at all - Absolutely cute & adorable, soft & cuddly baby quilt!   We put a kt together in our shop for this one ... it includes the panel, binding fabric & backing - for an incredibly great price.  We have all the coordinating fabrics too if you want to make it a little bigger - or accessorize!  More

Can you do the Mondo?

Now this bag was a super fun project!  It is called "The Mondo Bag."  You get an easy to follow pattern & enough fusible interfacing to make the bag & handles.  You simply start with a small jelly roll and cut 2.5" squares (or you could use your stash).  I used the fabric from Dragonflies Magic - a very popular design from Ro Gregg for Blank Quilting.  There is lots of sparkle since every fabric in the line has metallic ... we've added a couple of great blenders to round the collection out - result - FABULOUS bag!  This bag will be the one you take to guild with a quilt inside ... double show-and-tell!.  Pattern & kit coming soon! Email if you'd like to pre-order!

Lastly ... a little quilting eye-candy!

The customer wanted basketballs & stars ... We used our ProStitcher & HQ Avante to do the work - just LOVE how the quilting finished on this one. The design is crisp & clean.  Watch for more about this - we're really loving our new system & all the creative possibilities!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Quilting Adventures

I just realized today that it has been over a year since I posted a blog!  I must remedy that - immediately.  Why a year and no posts?  Well, it is because I bought a Quilt Shop and it has kept me beyond busy.  Finally, after a year - yes, it is our anniversary, which is hard to believe - things are starting to fall in place.

My mother, Barbara, with her quilt
Have I been quilting during this year? Well, maybe not as much as I'd like to.  Have been busy with a lot of customer work and a personal project or two .... here is my biggest accomplishment this year.  It is called "Are the Stars out Tonight?"  I made this quilt for my mother's birthday.  Did she love it?  Well, it is in the #1 spot in her house and everyone who visits gets to see it - PLUS I convinced her to bring it with me to show a group I volunteer with - she was SO pleased to do that - and it was a hit!  As a quilter, that is about the highest compliment we can be paid!

Here are some closeups of a few of the blocks & the quilting ....

I love the border on this ... I will be using this sort of feather again!

 Do you see the Butterfly hidden in this design?  I love the way everything turned out!
 The fans were so much fun to quilt and they literally popped into 3d as I  outlined them and added detail.  How fund was that?

Everyone loves the Machine Embroidered applique blocks & truly, they were a lot of fun to make!

Here is a good view of the quilting.  The borders are scrappy!  I saw this at a show at just HAD to finish my mom's quilt this way.   I really had so much fun quilting this one!  I think I really love doing sampler quilts!

You can see how cool the border is and maybe the quilting.  I love the bumpy feathers ... they are just perfect for this lovely quilt!

Well, that's about it right now .... My personal promise is to NOT wait another year before I post on my blog again ... in fact, I have plans to share about some of the great rulers which I have a penchant for ... so let's hear it for Tool Time Tuesday's - coming soon!

aka Aunt Mag