Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's on Your Wall?

In my spare time (this is a funny topic amongst my dearest friends as I am always working on something), I have recently become fascinated with Blooming Nine Patch quilts ... a quick tour on Pinterest will reveal that there are some jaw dropping quilts, like this one:

So, what's a girl to do?  Well, create one of course ... a quick search revealed that the original book, Traditions with a Twist is out of publication .... well, you can still get them, but since I would want to have them in my shop too I ran into an issue!

Ok ... so, since you can just about find out how to do anything on the web it didn't take me too long to find some great instructions and off we go.

Soooo..... I decided that for my 1st run at this I would design a little baby quilt using the fabulous line from Red Rooster called Sweet Dreams .... all those beautiful pastels just begged to be "bloomed!"  Of course, many people made this quilt with flowers .... but the idea is that you have graduations of color ... and what a sweet soft little quilt using pastels .... Here's what I created in EQ using the fabric swatches ....

I love it ...and it is going to be so soft and sweet! 

So, I did get my fabric .... and have been diligently working on this sweet creation .... here's some of my progress .... 

The only issue with this particular fabric is that it is difficult to photograph the fabric with great results because they are so soft ....   BUT, I am almost finished ... stay tuned for how I made this cute quilt and the plans for my next Blooming 9 Patch project.

Wishing you a Quilty sort of Day!

Aunt Mag aka Margaret

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