Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

When I look at my blog, I realize how much has happened since my last post.  Of course, I hardly stopped to breathe during the last two months!  My how the time does fly!!!  On the other side of that coin I can look at how much I have accomplished during this time.  So, my "blog-neglect" has been worth it!  Truthfully, housework & PC went out the window - pared down to essentials - like food, which my hubby certainly appreciated... LOL! 

Looking back - I finished 8 table runners, a table topper for Thanksgiving & completed 3 quilts.  One t-shirt memory quilt as a sample, helped a friend make & complete a t-shirt quilt for Christmas and quilted it for her - it's a monster - finished king size!  And the best part of all - I finished my Foolish Goose Tracks "Block-of-the-Month" Queen sized quilt for my son.  It was his Christmas gift and was on his bed the same day.  It is beautiful & he says he really loves sleeping under it!  Oh, I nearly forgot .... I also played with my scraps and made three journal covers.  They were SO much fun!  I definitely plan to make more of those in the future.

 This is the 1st of the 3 journals...

And the Table Runners.... 

And two LSU Tiger table runners for my brothers...
If you click on the detail you might be able to see the fleur de lis quilting & echoes in the purple, gold & white calico.... just a perfect fabric for my LSU theme!

And this is the last one for 2009.... a gift for a dear friend... guess there are others too, now that I think about ... LOL!  I was a prolific table runner maker for a season!  It was nice to be able to give gifts that I had made for each of my dearest friends & family members... What a blessing for me this year!

 This is the Foolish Goose Tracks quit completely finished.  The quilting work came out just fabulous if I must say so myself!!  I love this quilt and was quite a feeling of accomplishment when the last of the binding was stitched down!

The images below are detail of some of the machine quilting.... took me a couple of day of hard work, but what a great feeling!

And here's my friend Jane's memory quilt....

Thrown in was babysitting for these absolutely precious babies 

<<<< Mike


& a few other little detours, like Christmas shopping & some PTO responsibilities... Okay,  maybe I need a nap now that I've written all that down..... and I wonder why I'm in "sleep-in" mode now that it is all done & delivered! LOL!  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!   Looking forward to what God has for me and more "Adventures in Quilting" in 2010!

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